MAD Culture: In the mad, mad world of business the only way to excel is to become MAD!

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I agree. Yes, Doctor Locketopus, true: Judging someone by their race is racist. Funny we need to point that out these days. The white leftists now serve as Uncle Tom characters. I have no idea why a white person would racially abuse another white person. You reject their new definition. But since it has no logical consistentency it is simple enough to deal with. Just be aware that the believers are just that, people who believe in this way of looking at the works and will get just as angry as any other religious zealot that you are deconstructing their world view.

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So… pretty far. Including whites who hate white people. They either hate themselves too, or they view themselves as special exceptions. Internalized racism and sexism is all the rage these days. So by SJW definitions white people definitely can be racist against white people. They are two different heresies of the evil Marxist religion. I completely agree. Fascists and communists are two sides of the same coin. Racism is less about color than it is about contempt. Not in the sense the word Racism was devised for, clearly not. If you are giving new meaning to the word Racism then be clear on the meaning first.

Of course, you are falling into same trap as them, redefining racism. Tit-for-tat opposition is rarely successful.

Trouble #17: Mad Worlds

You are the one corrupting the definition to support an ideological point, no one else. They are women of color who are doing their damnedest to be open and discuss the problems of racism that they and others have experienced. Where is this racism in the knitting community? Are people barred from shops, denied patterns, prevented from joining classes and groups?

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If these women have something to contribute, they can compete in the marketplace like anyone else or start their own businesses instead of this name calling extrortion. Oh really? Similarly her IG story and post on Maria Tusken were so defamatory they were taken down.

They are racist. So they project their inner nastiness onto strangers whilst pretending to the world they actually are good people. No, they are not.

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They are terrible people. It would be a bit hard to not know any white people when you live in Australia… maybe a bit of the old hyperbole here? If you go by any standard dictionary definition of racism then a lot them are racist. As above, Racism: 1 The belief that a particular race is superior to others. Dictionary references are descriptive, not prescriptive. The are particularly shallow with political terms. For example, feminism to Webster has two opposing meanings 1 Equality for women 2 Advocacy for women.

In the Mad, Mad World of Business the Only Way to Excel Is to Become MAD!

The dictionary avoids the expediencies employed by feminist advocate who switch from either definition as the situation demands. Prejudiced plus power. The power to destroy businesses in an instant. Just like Jim Crow minus the burning crosses and rocks in the windows. Picture these women at the lunch counter, glaring at a white woman reading Marxism by Thomas Sowell. I can definitely see the argument for racism there, but fascism? Like the fascist right, they blame all of the worlds problems on one particular racial group.

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  8. Fascism is a variant of socialism, which is a creature of the Left. There is no such thing as a Fascist right. You can not simultaneously be a conservative and a socialist. One excludes the other. I mean look at Nazi. People use that word all the time just to describe crazy authoritarian assholes.

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    See Soup Nazi for an example. This article has to be a joke right? Just knit. Or quilt. Or wash your bacon down with single-malt. The victims here depended on social media to support their small businesses. Their business wouldnt exsist to begin with without engaging in social media.

    Its not like this has no consequences for them. Tusken chose to comment!!! She made the video. She chose to post publicly a photo of herself in a dress she made to attend a Civil War Ball, where she stands beaming in front of a confederate flag. She let people know exactly who she was. She is no victim.

    She is a racist.

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    Very interesting read into how these activists hijack community after community to their religion. Tamhank you. The answer is no. Its a chapter from Skin in the game by Nassim Taleb. If they go on to read another couple of chapters then it may spark a bit of self reflection. It is about knitting and that is the point.

    Quillette attracts people who like to knit. The rest of the article is irrelevant to this main point. The initial post struck me as rather naive and self centred, the sort of thing that once one might have just shrugged and dismissed my first thought was be careful what you eat if you want to get around the bazaar, blimey, I would be crucified for that if I was unwise enough to express it. It is the mob aspect of these events that are truly chilling. Suddenly people find themselves being hounded and tormented by mainly anonymous mobs,,who have seized on some innocent comment , part of the relentless search for offence which blights interpersonal relations today.

    Bubblecar — please enlighten us with links that demonstrate your claims about vast right-wing social media idiocy.

    Thank you for serving as PC thought police today. And you not only came all the way from…Twitter or Facebook, or whatever, but you did it all under essentially anonymous names. Just, wow. I salute you. You make us better people. I fact, comments like yours remind me how important it is that we supporters of Quillette continue our support. When the right-wing trolls show up, no one ever feels the need to prostrate themselves and apologize. No one has to worry about losing their business when the right-wing trolls show up.